ISIS bans Nike brand, sounds like Arabic for "sex"

Instead of the sweatshop dependent practices of the brand Nike being a problem, or part of the Great Satan of the USA, Nike is banned by ISIS for sounding too much like "sex" in Arabic. This article states, "The punishments for both seller and buyer of Nike goods range from a small fine to imprisonment or whipping." I am sure I could write all day about unusual aspects of ISIS and strange rules they have.

Here is another article from RT, ISIS have fetish for kinky underwear, Viagra, and ‘abnormal sex’ – report. There are all sorts of rules against clothing that shows anything considered sexual or even using words believed to be sexually explicit.

Any organization is bound to be corrupt. It would be legit to see a movement in the Arabic world to recognize the aspect of Quran that is unfortunately all too ignored. 30:32 "(And do not be) of those who have divided their Deen and become sects, every faction rejoicing in what it has." This article discussing that part of the Quran says "the verses that call for unity often get ignored and are replaced with scholarly opinions that promote sectarianism." I believe there is similar ignored guidance in the origins of Christianity.

Texas Trooper shot fleeing motorcyclist then jumpkicked him off his bike, trooper suspended 5 days w/o pay

In December 2012 25-year old Steven Gaydos ran a stop sign on his motorcycle and went on a high-speed chase with Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) trooper Abraham Martinez. Martinez's camera caught what unfolded on film. Gaydos was fleeing to avoid his vehicle being impounded for driving wit a suspended license, it is unclear for what reason it was suspended. After reaching speeds up to 130 mph Martinez fired four times at Gaydos' allegedly to disable the motorcycle which he assumed was involved in some sort of crime. Gaydos was struck in the leg and pulled over when Martinez jump kicked him off his bike. Martinez's logic as taught by his experience is that running from police involves stolen vehicles which are used by criminals after commuting some other kind of crime.

Apparently assuming some crime then shooting somebody in that ass, or leg, and jumpkicking them does make an ass of oneself in a way, Martinez was suspended for five days without pay for suspended for three days without pay “violating DPS policy by using force inconsistent with his training.”  DPS does reserve the right to shoot at fleeing suspects though, as stated later on.

This is one story that came from an investigation by the  Austin American-Statesman into how  fleeing suspects are handled. If anyone was injured or killed by Martinez it is possible Gaydos would have been charged with it as happened in Florida in this previous post of mine, Police kill innocent bystander, charge suspect with murder.

Prosecutors drop charges rather than expose spy tool in armed robbery trial

This article from RT simply states "An officer with the St. Louis Police Department’s Intelligence Unit had been scheduled to deliver a deposition under oath on April 9 concerning tactics that authorities relied on to identify and ultimately charge four suspects with 14 counts of first-degree robbery and armed criminal action regarding a 2013 crime spree." That is until the sudden dismissal of charges. Three of four involved in this case were set to go to trial, while one defendant already .

Of course publicly the prosecution denies a link but fails to give a justification. The Stingray is a spying device used to simulate cell-towers to track individuals. The Baltimore Sun was able to discover that SLPD was told not to “distribute, disseminate or otherwise disclose any information” without expressed written approval of the FBI. Apparently letting armed robbers go free is worth more than revealing the nature of these Stingray devices to the public.

Clintons made tons of cash while Shillary Clinton was Sec. of State

A new book Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Richexposes a tendency for large amounts of cash paid to the Clinton's who then seem to have made decisions benefiting the sources of the money. Of course with the two-party system construct the Clinton's and allies can write off the book as a right-wing attack. This is pretty goofy in the sense that the political spectrum is so narrow in the pro-wrestling-ish drama of politics today. They are all part of the political wrestling business where they do not attempt to actually hurt one another, nor do they openly admit their scheme to anyone outside the circle.

Historically, “Of the 13 [Bill] Clinton speeches that fetched $500,000 or more, only two occurred during the years his wife was not secretary of state.” Bill Clinton made $13.3 million for speeches in 2011 alone. The article also notes ties with the conflict in Ukraine:

from 2009 up to 2013, the year the Ukrainian crisis erupted, the Clinton Foundation received at least $8.6 million from the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, which is headquartered in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, calling into question whether the donations were an attempt to curry favor from the US State Dept. Several alumni of oligarch Pinchuk's program have already graduated into the ranks of Ukraine’s parliament, while a former Clinton pollster went to work as a lobbyist for Pinchuk at the same time Clinton was working in government.

Another unusual example cited Hillary changing her position as Secretary of State on Columbia, after millions of donations to the Clinton Foundation from a Columbian oil-company she changed her positions and supported a US-Columbia trade deal. Another layer of questionable practices came from McClatchy noting Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates gave $40 million in donations to the CF. All of those countries are involved with terror funding and human rights violations. The Wall Street Journal reported $68 million in CF donations from "elite donors with close ties to foreign governments and state-run companies while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state."

How do these practices not appear to be a payoff to a member of the existing government mafia? The CF is revising its policies in the midst of this press fallout which is a clear admittance of questionable practices that a unlikely to do anything to retroactively remedy those donations. It will be useful funds in Hillary's second run for president, just one layer of the unfair competition in US elections.

If you are interested check out this old school character Norman Dodd who discussed revelations he had as director of research for the thwarted attempt at a congressional investigation into the activities of tax-exempt foundations.

Norman Dodd was interviewed in 1982 by G. Edward Griffin regarding the time he spent as the head researcher for the Reece Committee. This is a truly eye opening look into what the tax exempt foundations are doing in the United States - their attempt to merge the Soviet System of Government with the USA.

Former DA worker: Planting weapons on police victims standard operating procedure

This claim came from a FOX News legal analyst while discussing the shooting of Walter Scott by police who then were filmed plating a "stolen" taser on the victim. Arthur Aidala said. “Police officers – I hate to say this – would keep a second gun that nobody knew about on their ankle, so if they ever killed someone they shouldn’t have they would take that gun out and leave it.” This certainly would stack the deck in the favor of the prosecution with the supreme value of law enforcement versus a lowly and likely dishonest criminal. I am surprised they did not bother to sprinkle some crack on Scott.

Defense industry twice as lucrative than S&P 500

Despite S&P 500 having 30 percent in growth the past two years the defense industry is twice as lucrative, "Dow Jones U.S. Aerospace and Defense Total Stock Market Index has grown at double the rate of the S&P, increasing in value by 60 percent." With the continued spread of the War on Terror it is unlikely such booming business will stop. Certainly there must be some in that industry of "defense" who have no interest in peace.

Freddie's dead and the Gray area of racist legacies; homicide charges for BPD

Baltimore's police department homicide victim Freddie Grey had a lengthy criminal record of mostly non-violent crime before being murdered by them. I see only a second-degree assault charge on his rap sheet. The altercation leading to his death appears to have no just cause, only citing illegal possession of a switchblade. Unless he was walking around playing with it, the switchblade could have been planted on him too, then he was likely being harassed by police he had a history with. Time will tell if any justice is to follow the announcement of homicide charges being filed against officers involved. Regardless, breaking a man's spine, lying that he walked fine though he was clearly injured and screaming in pain, then not calling medics for 42 minutes, there is no excuse for this behavior by anyone, especially in authority..

It is tragic the legacy of racism creates crime rich ethnic areas with no opportunity. It is the epitome of "the man" keeping people down. Instead of slaves, today many African-American's are slaves to a welfare system, constant monitoring by social services, police patrols and ultimately sadistic babysitters while kept in cages. It has already been clear that the crack epidemic was in part a CIA operation, revelations chronicled in the recent biographical Hollywood portrayal of Gary Webb, "Kill the Messenger."

What a great follow up to the civil rights movement. After a long history of oppression, any thoughtful student of history can see a constantly morphing tendency of self-fulfilling prophecy aimed at justifying the misfortunes of black folks in America.

It is no surprise to see the massive demonstrations, mostly non-violent, that follow this outrageous result of police activity. Whether those acting violently or destroying property are provocateurs or not is one question. Regardless there is certainly some righteous violence that can result from the continuous violent oppression of people. Franz Fanon believed that acts of violence are necessary to overcome the multi-generational psychological baggage of such a colonial history. Fanon's insights foresaw decades of disaster in Africa that followed after his writings. Here is a bit on such views from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy:

Les Damnés de la Terre is a more abstract analysis of colonialism and revolution.  It has been described as a handbook for black revolution.  The book ranges over the necessary role Fanon thinks violence must play in decolonization struggles, the false paths decolonizing nations take when they entrust their eventual freedom to negotiations between a native elite class and the formers colonizers instead of mobilizing the masses as a popular fighting force, the need to recreate a national culture through a revolutionary arts and literature movement, and an inventory of the psychiatric disorders that colonial repression unleashes.

If corrupt killer cops being strung up as human pinatas is needed to offset such a terrible history, it would not even come close to the live slow centuries of slavery with BBQing of black men to lynching and suffering at the hands of police African-Americans today. Without an interwoven fabric of oppression the system of inequity could not persist. Misfortune, however contrived, helps promote momentum for the system as it exists. A global crabs-in-the-bucket of not-so free markets, relying on slavery and environmental exploitation. Ignorance, inequality and dehumanization are major factors that need to be addressed to turn the tide against such evils. In the meantime keep the cameras handy, that is one way we can shoot police that may be fatal to their ingrained system of injustice, cruelty and sadism.

Obama attacks TPP critics, claims transparency while it is not

This article points out the irony of Obama's administration, once self-promoted as the most transparent in history, now claims the TPP text is not secret when nobody can read it except select people in Congress who cannot take notes, pictures, bring staff or get copies of it. The Trans Pacific Partnership is a looming threat to the already virtually non-existent free market that will also undermine the sovereignty of nations involved. Industry leaders of Hollywood have more access to the document than members of Congress. Obama is throwing a fit publicly about dissent on the TPP:

“The one that gets on my nerves the most is the notion that this is a ‘secret’ deal,” Obama said. “Every single one of the critics who I hear saying, ‘this is a secret deal,’ or send out emails to their fundraising base saying they’re working to prevent this secret deal, can walk over today and read the text of the agreement. There’s nothing secret about it.”

Once again the light of day would vanquish these dark proceedings, if only it was transparent. These conspirators are spending loads of time and money into constructing this plan. If it fails they will likely tuck it into a bill on government transparency, because that is how evil people get off on being evil.

Montana law prevents federal militarization/minionization of police

Montana Governor Steve Bullock just signed into law House Bill 320 which helps insulate their law enforcement from becoming tools for the Federal government and prevents bribing with military grade weapons. This trend of re-purposing military weapons to American police is part of the 1033 program. If bills like this were passed at the local and state level cross country only the National Guard or the military will use these tactics creating a more cut and dry picture of tyranny in America.

The elite are certainly more comfortable with the continued awareness the internet can grant to the population of police brutality, injustices that result and the false flag attacks that have promoted a slew of unjust wars overseas producing demand for such weaponry. The resulting upheaval of a corrupt government can only be suppressed by force, otherwise the will of the people may achieve some real change.

This article cites specifically from the law:

Section 1 of the new law declares:
A law enforcement agency may not receive the following property from a military equipment surplus program operated by the federal government:
(a) drones that are armored, weaponized, or both;
(b) aircraft that are combat configured or combat coded;
(c) grenades or similar explosives and grenade launchers;
(d) silencers; or
(e) militarized armored vehicles.
Section 2 sets additional barriers along the road toward federalization:
If a law enforcement agency purchases property from a military equipment surplus program operated by the federal government, the law enforcement agency may only use state or local funds for the purchase. Funds obtained from the federal government may not be used to purchase property from a military equipment surplus program.

Pepsi to use Aspartame alternative, Splenda, another toxic sugar substitute

Pepsi appears to be removing a controversial and toxic sugar-substitute, Aspartame, and replacing it with Sucralose. in the United States. This will result in a change similar to the substitute of the gas additive Lead with MTBE, another toxic substance to take the place of another. The article notes that Aspartame:

breaks down into its constituent amino acids aspartic acid, methanol and phenylalanine . Methanol breaks down further into formaldehyde, formic acid and diketopiperazine. Methanol is a toxin on its own, and its sub-units have been demonstrated as carcinogenic.

Sucralose and Aspartame were both accidentally discovered in a lab. I would not want an accident to be a major part of my food. Perhaps the health-unconscious should stop drinking soda and get some exercise. Otherwise this will end up a a sheeple-cycle of chasing one's tail.

Here is a thorough film, Aspartame: Sweet Misery, on the health effects of Aspartame and how war-hawk Donald Rumsfeld used political connections to push this most-contested food additive ever through the FDA and into the food supply.

Chipotle chain to have non-GMO foods

The food chain Chipotle is buckling to public pressure on the use of GMO foods and will no longer carry those ingredients. Despite being promoted as safe and more productive by giant corporations like Monsanto a wary public is winning in their skepticism. GMO crops that are Roundup-Ready can tolerate heaping amounts of the toxic herbicide, former pipe-cleaners, glyphosate. Non-GMO crops still use glyphosate but not at the same levels.

It is unclear if this action will prevent variations of GMOs from being in food. Other methods include CPU-generated genes and "beneficial" mutations created by radiation. The green-revolution from farm equipment and these chemical practices have done nothing to stop poverty either, and indicates there are larger issues at hand we are not addressing while these unnatural processes crap all over the environment and our health. Mother knows best and this insanity is a slap in Mother Nature's face.


Tyson chickens to be given animal antibiotics instead of human ones by 2017

Tyson publicly states the use of human antibiotics in their birds contributes to the creation of superbacteria and limits the effectiveness of human antibiotics. Funny they can do this but anything you buy says on the label it is illegal to use for any other purpose, otherwise called off-label use.

They of course will take their sweet time around 2017 transitioning to a different type of antibiotics. Meanwhile this fails to address another issue, how they pre-emptively give healthy bird medication for the sick conditions they keep the birds in, crowded and unnatural. Not to mention the GMO roundup/glyphosate feed, a chemical used for cleaning pipes.  After raising my own birds free-range on almost an acre with organic feed and feeding on bugs in the organic garden I could not eat commercial chicken any longer. The article notes:

As a contractor for Perdue, farmer Craig Watts states in the video that he is contractually obligated to ensure that the chickens destined for your dinner table do not receive any form of sunlight or fresh air. In addition, the chickens are forced to lay not only on their own bed of feces, but feces that has accumulated for around the past year. This is because the floors are not cleaned between each import of new chickens, leading to thick layers of feces, other bodily fluids, limbs, and other items accumulating to the point where the underbellies of the chickens are worn red and their feathers are rubbed clean off.
Is it any wonder that around 97% of all chicken products have been found to be tainted with harmful bacteria?

The practices of Tyson ended up helping me end up going vegan.

Student loans to be the next subprime mortgages?

With the funding for education shriveling up while costs skyrocket, borrowing is a necessity to pursue a college education. The student loan debt bubble is at $1.2 trillion and growing. Just like before, "when Wall Street speculators wanted a market for subprime mortgages, they created high-risk derivative securities that bundled the mortgages to sell as investments. The speculators have done the same for student loans."

Most of the loans are subsidized by the government and are now being packaged as SLABS, student loan asset-backed securities. Even more troubling "The income stream is nearly guaranteed to pay off because the loans are next to impossible to discharge in bankruptcy.."

As was noted in a recent post, Dept of Ed. hounding borrowers for loans the admit are illegitimate, even bogus debts have no means of being discharged. So go get an education, ranked as a high school equivalent compared to other developed countries, and start off with a nice heavy set of debt slavery chains weigh you down in a cubi-kill or some other soul-draining employment.

Study: Blacks stopped more to be investigated than for traffic violations

This article, Broken Tail Light Policing, breaks down a study in the Kansas City area on the statistical differences when blacks versus whites are pulled over. A focus of the article is the rather apparent murder of Walter Scott and the attempted cover-up by the officer Michael Slager. If it were not for a video disproving the police account of things it is doubtful Slager would be fired and face murder charges.

I used to get pulled over just for having a dark-skinned friend. No license and registration for me. The officers would harass my passengers and ask if they have been arrested or have warrants. They might as well have asked me, "Is this darky bothering you white boy?"


No need for self control, microbes designed to curb fat gain

Vanderbilt University has created genetically modified bacteria that reduced fat gain in mice.

No need for self-control, discipline or even taxing unhealthy food like cigarettes. The complicity of government via subsidy and regulatory failure is majorly responsible for the sad state of obesity in America. I can imagine this being problematic for essential fats and interfering with the human body in other troubling ways. Money for this research could have been spent on feeding hungry people in my humble opinion.

Woman who miscarried given 20 years for feticide charge

In the first case of its kind, Purvi Patel is the first to have been convicted of feticide. Even stranger she is charged with neglect, for a dead baby.

She claims to have miscarried and disposed of the aborted two-month old fetus before heading to the hospital. She did not want her conservative parents to find out. That incognito strategy seems to have failed.

The state claims it was an intentional miscarriage despite having no evidence of alleged drugs used to do so. The feticide law has been used to charge a lady who fell down stairs and another who delayed a Cesarean. I guess emptying a womb can be used for an excuse to fill a jail cell.

LAPD face $20 million suit for shooting unarmed teen in the back

Shoot first, lie about questions they have to answer later. In this case a group of friend were hanging out in an alley on their regular pre-schoolday routine when a couple hot shot cops from the homicide unit shot 15-year old Jamar Nicholson in the back.

The police report claims Jamar was pointing a gun at people. He did have a toy pistol but his friends claim he was not pointing it, it was at his side and has an orange tip that would have been clearly visible. Nicholson is lucky to be alive and now has PTSD with a not-so-wonderful outlook on police. I would bet the demeanor from a distance of a dude pointing a gun at people is not like a few buddies hanging out.

The officers were in dress clothes and the kids thought they were Mormons. Nope, it was the gang-homicide unit, the gang of police nearly causing homicides.